Theo con s? th?ng k c?a "Time Almanach 2001" th Ki T Gio, t?c C? ??c Gio (Christianity) l tn gio c s? l??ng tn ?? l?n nh?t th? gi?i, chi?m 1/3 dn s? ton th? nhn lo?i.

Dn s? th? gi?i hi?n nay l 5 t? 929 tri?u.

S? l??ng tn ?? Ki T Gio (Christians) l: 1 t? 943 tri?u.

M?c d?u g?n hai t? ng??i ? ??u t? nh?n l tn ?? Ki T (Christians) nh?ng h? thu?c v? nhi?u gio h?i khc nhau, v?i nh?ng tn ?i?u v nghi l? khc nhau. Ni chung, nh?ng ng??i theo Ki T Gio c th? ???c chia thnh 5 nhm tn gio sau ?y:

1. Cng Gio La M: 1 t? 026 tri?u (tr?c thu?c Vatican)

2. Cc gio phi Tin Lnh: 316 tri?u (trn 200 gio phi ch?ng ??i Vatican)

3. Chnh Th?ng Gio: 213 tri?u (ph?n l?n ? ?ng u, Nga v B?c Phi)

4. Anh Gio: 63 tri?u (nghi l? gi?ng Cng Gio nh?ng khng thu?c Vatican)

5. Cc nhm Ki T Gio ??c l?p: 373 tri?u (Unaffiliated Christians)

Qua g?n hai ngn n?m l?ch s?, Ki T Gio ? b? phn ha tr?m tr?ng v nh?ng cu?c thnh chi?n t??ng tn gi?a nh?ng ng??i anh em c cng ni?m tin vo Cha Ki T ? lm tiu hao nhi?u ch?c tri?u sinh linh. Nh?ng c m?t s? ki?n n?i b?t trong l?ch s? l: D cho nh?ng ng??i Ki T Gio ch?ng ??i nhau, th?m ch gi?t nhau nh? cu?c xung ??t Cng Gio Tin Lnh ? i Nh? Lan ho?c xung ??t gi?a Chnh Th?ng Gio v Cng Gio ? Nam T?, nh?ng h? v?n c chung m?t ni?m tin: Jesus l Cha C?u Th? (Messiah/Christ).

Qua l?ng knh tm linh c?a cc tn ?? Ki T Gio, Jesus l ??ng Messiah v?i nh?ng thu?c tnh sau ?y:

1. Ngi l Thin Cha ha thn thnh ng??i (God in human form).

2. Ngi ch?t ?? chu?c t?i t? tng c?a loi ng??i

3. Ngi s?ng l?i ln tr?i v s? xu?ng th? gian l?n th? hai vo ngy t?n th? ?? xt x? m?i ng??i s?ng v ch?t (m?i ng??i ch?t s? s?ng l?i ?? ???c xt x?)

Nh? chng ta ? bi?t, Do Thi v H?i Gio c?ng l nh?ng ??o th? Thin Cha nh?ng c? hai ??u ph? nh?n Jesus l Messiah v?i nh?ng thu?c tnh ni trn.

Hai tn gio Do Thi v H?i ? ??a ra nh?ng lu?n c? no ?? bc b? t? cch Messiah (Kit) c?a Jesus? ? l n?i dung chnh y?u c?a bi vi?t ny.


Jesus l m?t ng??i c th?t, b?ng x??ng b?ng th?t, ? ???c sinh ra ? Do Thi cch ?y g?n 2000 n?m.

Nh?ng ni?m v? Messiah (Cha C?u Th?/ Cha Ki T) l m?t s?n ph?m ??c bi?t trong t? duy c?a dn t?c Do Thi. ?? tm m?t ??nh ngh?a xc th?c nh?t v? Messiah, thi?t t??ng khng c g ?ng tin c?y h?n l T? ?i?n Bch Khoa v? ??o Do Thi (The Shengold Jewish Encyclopedia).

Ni?m tin vo ??ng Messiah (Messianism) ???c ??nh ngh?a nh? sau: "Ni?m tin vo ??ng Messiah l ni?m tin r?ng: dn t?c Do Thi v ton th? nhn lo?i ???c d?n ??n m?t th?i ??i hong kim, trong ? n?n cng l ton h?o v n?n ha bnh th? gi?i ???c th?c hi?n b?i ??ng Messiah. Ngi l v? vua l t??ng v l m?t ng??i ton h?o. Danh t? "Messiah" c ngh?a l "Ng??i ???c x?c d?u", ?y l m?t ph??ng cch c? x?a ?? tn vinh m?t ng??i ???c trao tr?ng trch ??c bi?t. Danh t? "Messiah Adonai" c ngh?a l "Ng??i ???c Thin Cha x?c d?u". ?y l m?t danh hi?u do C?u ??c dng ?? g?i cc v? vua c?a Israel. Cc v? tin tri trong kinh Thnh m t? Messiah l m?t ng??i ???c Thin Cha ch? ??nh, m?t v? lnh ??o l t??ng ?? ??a ton th? gi?i ??n n?n cng chnh v ha bnh. Qua nhi?u th? k? l?u l?c, dn t?c Do Thi v?n ti?p t?c ??c m? v? s? xu?t hi?n c?a ??ng Messiah".

(Messianism: The belief that the Jewish people and all humanity would be led to a Golden Age of perfect justice and universal peace by a Messiah, an ideal king and a perfect man. The Hebrew Messiah means "one anointed man with oil", the ancient way of dedicating a man to a special service. Messiah Donai - The Anointed of God - was a title of honor given in the Bible to the Kings of Israel. The prophets described the Messiah as a divinely appointed man, an ideal ruler who would lead the world in righteousness and in peace.

During the long centuries of exile, the Jewish people continued to dream of the Messiah).

Qua ??nh ngh?a "Messiah" ni trn c?a ng??i Do Thi, ta th?y s? m?ng c?a "Cha C?u Th?" chnh danh ph?i l ng??i th?c hi?n ???c n?n ha bnh th?c s? v n?n cng chnh ton h?o trn kh?p th? gi?i. Xt theo tiu chu?n ny, m?i ng??i ??u s? nh?n r r?ng: Jesus ch? l m?t k? v d?ng v y ch?a t?ng bao gi? gp ???c m?t cht cng lao no cho n?n cng chnh v ha bnh c?a nhn lo?i.

Trong Kinh Thnh C?u ??c c nhi?u ?i?u tin tri v? Messiah. Nh?ng Jesus ch?a t?ng bao gi? th?c hi?n ???c m?t ?i?u no ?? ch?ng t? ng ta l Messiah c?. Th d?:

- Tin tri Isaiah (th? k? 8 TCN) ??nh ngh?a Messiah l ??ng "gi?i thot m?i ng??i b? p b?c" (To let the oppressed go free - Isaiah 6: 9 v 6: 1-2). Th? h?i Jesus ? gi?i thot ???c m?t ng??i no b? p b?c trn th? gian ny?

- Isaiah c?ng ni: ??ng Messiah s? gom gp ton dn Do Thi tr? v? ??t Israel (Gather all Jews back to the land of Israel - Isaiah 43: 5-6). L?ch s? Do Thi ? ch?ng minh ng??c l?i: Jesus ch?t kho?ng n?m 30. ??n n?m 70 th Israel b? qun La M ?nh chi?m v tiu di?t ng??i Do Thi v s? k?. ??n n?i ng??i Do Thi s? bi di?t ch?ng nn ? b? x? lnh n?n kh?p n?i trn th? gi?i. G?n 19 th? k? sau (1949) th Lin Hi?p Qu?c (khng ph?i Jesus) ? gom dn Do Thi v? Israel!

- Tin tri Zechariah ni: ??ng Messiah l vua cai tr? ton th? gi?i (King over all the world - Zech. 14: 19) ?i?u ny th trong 2000 n?m qua v cho ??n mun ki?p v? sau ch?ng bao gi? Jesus c th? th?c hi?n ???c!

- Tin tri Isaiah xc ??nh: Messiah ph?i l ng??i thu?c dng vua David theo ph? h? (Messiah must be decended on his father's side from King David.

- Isaiah 11: 1) Jesus c m? ??ng trinh nn khng c cha, v?y y lm sao thu?c dng David theo ph? h? ???c? Do ?, Jesus khng c t? cch Messiah.

- Ng??i Do Thi hon ton bc b? tnh cch Thin Cha c?a Jesus v C?u ??c d?y "Thin Cha ch? c M?t" (The Lord is One - Dent 6: 4) v "Thin Cha l v?nh c?u, v??t th?i gian. Ngi l v cng, v??t khng gian. Ngi khng th? ???c sinh ra v khng th? ch?t" (God is eternal above time. He is infinite above space. He cannot be born and cannot die - Numbers 23: 19). Jesus ? ???c sinh ra b?i b Maria v ? ch?t d ch? ch?t 3 ngy 3 ?m) nn Jesus khng th? l Thin Cha v Thin Cha khng ch?t d ch? trong giy pht.

Ng??i Do Thi v?n ch? ??i s? xu?t hi?n c?a ??ng Messiah. ?i?u ? c ngh?a l ??ng Messiah ch?a t?ng bao gi? xu?t hi?n trn th? gian ny. ??i v?i h?, Jesus khng h? th?c hi?n ???c m?t ?i?u no C?u ??c ? tin tri v? Messiah nn Jesus khng bao gi? ???c dn t?c Do Thi cng nh?n. Ng??i Do Thi c?ng ph? nh?n s? ti lm c?a Jesus v th?n h?c c?a ??o Do Thi kh?ng ??nh Messiah ch? ??n m?t l?n v khng bao gi? tr? l?i. (No second coming of Messiah).

Dn t?c Do Thi r?t kin tr trong ni?m tin tn gio v h? tin t??ng r?ng ??o Do Thi l ??o duy nh?t do Thin Cha m?c kh?i cho c? qu?c gia (a national revelation). Truy?n thuy?t v? Messiah l s?n ph?m tm linh c?a c? dn t?c Do Thi. H? khng ng? truy?n thuy?t ny ? tr? thnh chi?c boomerang quay ng??c l?i tiu di?t dn t?c mnh. Trong g?n hai ngn n?m qua, h? lun lun ph? nh?n t? cch Messiah c?a Jesus. H?u qu? th?m kh?c l nhi?u tri?u ng??i Do Thi ? b? gi?t nh?ng v?n ch?a ?? ??n m?ng c?a m?t ng??i Do Thi ???c ng??i ta tn vinh l ??ng Messiah!